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Here’s what our tribe say…


    “Tax diagnostics have plugged the tax gap in our service, and now we can add even more value to our clients.”

    Alasdair McGill,
    Co-Founder, Ashton McGill
  • Marie Donaldson - Diagnostax testimonial

    “It’s a great tool for engaging your clients to talk about tax properly, and the systematic approach means you draw out even more tax advisory opportunities. Clients have thanked me for raising things that may not have normally considered”

    Marie Donaldson,
    Director, Fresh Clarity
  • ©Diagnostax - testimonial - Paul Barnes

    “Diagnostax is far more than software. It’s a philosophy about the way that clients tax affairs should be dealt with in an un-rivalled and pro-active way.”

    Paul Barnes,
    Director, MAP.

    “For any small practices that do not have a tax specialist within the team, Diagnostax is the solution to enable you to ensure that your clients receive a high level tax advisory service.

    It allows you to identify a clients key issues now and also in the future, enabling you to deliver the right level of service when its needed.

    By using Diagnostax we don’t just restrict our tax planning to a business review 9 months into the financial year, we make sure we cover off the relevant tax issues at the right time.”

    Mark Telford,
    Owner, Telfords Accountants

    “Diagnostax lets our small firm behave like a big firm by taking our tax services to the next level.”

    Jason A Holden,
    Owner, Holden Associates
  • Nick Kay

    “Diagnostax gives us the ability to have tax conversations with our clients and prospects that we wouldn’t have previously felt comfortable having, we can now say with confidence that we can provide a world-class tax review service in a way that is consistent and in-line with all technical updates, across all areas of tax. We have already found areas of tax savings that would have normally gone unseen by us or the client.”

    Nick Kay,
    Founder, Pavilion Accountancy
  • Richard

    “Diagnostax isn’t just a software tool that can be used to save tax. It’s a complete system that can unlock the value that clients need to achieve their personal and business goals, by closing the ‘other tax gap’, and delivering them both cash savings and peace of mind.

    It also gives me the confidence that all the areas that are relevant to them have been covered & explored, and that I’m serving them to the highest possible level.”

    Richard Sykes,
    Founder, Create

    “It’s added a new dimension to boring old tax season. I did 38 diagnostics in January, it became lead generation season. I must admit – I have enjoyed it!”

    Diana Stalioraitiene,
    Owner, Euro Contacts GB Ltd
  • Jamie Williams - Diagnostax testimonial

    “One of the first times I used Diagnostax, I won a new client. Job done. If you’re trying to grow your business, it’s an absolute no-brainer”

    Jamie Williams,
    Tax Manager, Gerald Thomas

    “We’ve worked with Diagnostax from the beginning and in this time the software has changed significantly. The Customer Success Team have been fantastic at listening to our feedback and making changes to make our experiences even better “

    Daniel Morgan,
    Partner, Haines Watts