Xero Virgin 2:55

I’ve finally lost my Xero Virginity.

I’ve been to events before, but promoting my business is not the same as networking for myself. Encourage your employees’ to network. You might even thank me later.

Solopreneurs Rule 1:41

Are there an increasing number of accountants from industry, switching and setting up their own accountancy businesses? Often going at it alone. I asked Mark Telford why he thinks this is happening, especially given he made the same jump 7 years ago. Read more.

Summer Countdown 1:11

Go crazy and use Diagnostax as much as you can, before 31st July. Read more.

Diamond Accountants 1:59

We asked Amanda C. Watts to write us a guest article focusing on methodologies the top 1% fully digital and client experience obsessed accountants are applying to demonstrate their value.

Your Business Owner Super Power 7:47

As a solopreneur or owner managed business accountancy business owner, one HUGE competitive advantage you have when meeting high-value SME and OMB clients is that you don’t just talk to them as a professional, you talk to them as a fellow business owner.

Footloose | Never Mind the Tech Stack 1:04

When was the last time you properly got into your clients’ shoes?

All the gear no idea | Never Mind the Tech Stack 1:23

When building a tech stack, you can end up with all the gear and no idea! Build a Client Deck instead.

Max & Paddy | Gwil & Tim in a Van 0:33

Moving office doesn’t have to be a chore! 🤣😂😆


A p!$%£d off tax advisor, a cufflink down the toilet and a crush on Pete Miller 5:56

Gwil Davies and Adam Owens get to know each other like never before in our first episode of Taxflix.

The struggles of working in tax 6:25

We surveyed 100 tax professionals to find out what they really thought about the challenges they face, working in tax. This is their story, performed by us.


Paul Barnes, Managing Director at MAP. 

Find out how the team at MAP are using tax diagnostic software.

What is a Taxologist? 9:06

In this video, Geoff Peck of PawPaw Technology helps us to understand, what exactly a Taxologist is.

Education & the Taxologist role 4:14

In this video, Geoff Peck of PawPaw Technology discusses education and the Taxologist role.

The Taxologist role & the Tax Function 2:19

In this video, Geoff Peck of PawPaw Technology discusses the Taxologist role and how it fits in the tax function.

Tax bites

Crypto, Crypto, Crypto 0:37

Be sure you and your team ask the right questions to identify the need for tax advice.

Accountex 2018: Is This The Best You Can Do?

At Accountex 2018, we asked you: “Is This The Best You Can Do?”

The Power of Intelligent Routing

The Power of Intelligent Routing of our software… explained.

Consequences of Pudding Tax 0:19
Potential consequence of using tax to change behaviour? 🤣😂😆
So you call yourself a tax advisor? 0:50

Adam answers: Reactive and proactive tax advice, what’s the difference? 

Why should clients care about tax? 1:40

Adam answers: Why should clients actually care about tax?

Why is it so important to simplify tax? 1:25

Adam answers: Why do you need to simplify tax for your clients?

Tax advisory: are you doing it wrong?

Adam talked at a Tolley’s event, asking the question: “Are we doing tax advice wrong?”

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