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If you’re a solopreneur, or business owner of a small accountancy business and you’re looking to grow your business through winning new clients, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered together our most useful content and tools to help you achieve your goals. 💪👇

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New clients can be pursued or attracted, depending on how your business works. 27% of small businesses are looking for a new advisor, and if you’re in the 1% you’re at an advantage in the race to win them.

Attracting new business

Attracting business is all about looking good, and I don’t mean aesthetics. I mean really making you and your business attractive to new clients… so they discover you and want your services. Particularly appealing to introverted sellers!

Building a personal brand can give your business that likeable, human feel. Constructing a 360°, cloud based service that has your clients sing your praises is another way.

Seeking opportunities

There’s a lot of subjects and approaches that can win a client over. Tax is our favourite subject towards that end.

Sometimes you just need a simple analogy to help a client understand the value you’re offering. Other times, you have to take them on a bit of a journey, to show them the difference between compliance, advisory and planning. Especially when lots of accountants focus on compliance. It’s noble to help clients understand The Other Tax Gap, and then fill it for them.

Stick this date in your calendar: Tax Season. Or as we like to call it, Wolf Season. It’s perfect for winning new clients and generating business. Don’t believe us? Try this 4 step process. Arh-oooooooooo!

Using Diagnostax?

A tax diagnostic review offers a prospect something they have never experienced before. It also shows them how underserviced they are, with their current accountant. Jamie Williams has done it. You can too.

With ‘Build Your Own Diagnostic’ you can use a ‘1 section experience’ and the results to entice a client into wanting the full service.

And don’t forget to keep up to speed with the help centre. We’ve got methods and templates…fit for the job of winning new clients!

Last of all, play the movie on this page. It’s a perfect explanation of how to win a client with tax diagnostic software.

Blogs and articles

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At Diagnostax we capture fresh insight every day from accountancy business owners across the UK. This insight in this wrapped up into useful downloads. Here’s the ones we think you’ll really appreciate if you’re trying to attract new clients to your business.

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Never Mind the Tech Stack,

Here’s the Client Deck

6 steps to select the tech your clients really want from you  

Landing Page Image 2

Tax Season or

Wolf Season?

The Accountants practical guide to keep growing your business in tax season.  

©Diagnostax - your clients Don't get tax

You’ve got a problem.

Your clients don’t get tax.

4 reasons why and what you can do to fit it.  

secret world of tax - info graphic header

Infographic: The Secret World of Tax 

Here’s an infographic with some stats from a survey of 100 tax professionals.

Winning new clients with Diagnostax

If you’re looking to win clients, differentiate your tax advisory service, with tax diagnostic and tax advisory management software that will win you new clients. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say….


Gerald Thomas Case study

How I bagged a client worth £20k

Find out how Gerald Thomas bagged a client worth £20K with Diagnostax.

The meeting that makes £500

Find out how Mark Telford made enough money to pay for his Diagnostax subscription in month one, even with a little extra to spare.

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